Since 2012, groups working in food access in our region have recognized the incredible amount of energy of community efforts to grow food. The Sacramento Urban Agriculture Coalition has been working under various names with contacts in local government since 2013 to amend laws that impede urban agriculture. Our work aims to create practical economic development opportunities, improve food security, and provide solutions to blight caused by unmaintained vacant lots.

Our work is just beginning. In addition to the work ahead to pass ordinances at the County level, we also will be working with urban farmers of all backgrounds organize and access resources so urban farms can start up and thrive in Sacramento and beyond.

350 Sacramento
Alchemist CDC
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
Building Healthy Communities
Environmental Council of Sacramento
Food Literacy Center
Hmong Innovating Politics
Legal Services of Northern California
Soil Born Farms
Ubuntu Green
Yisrael Family Urban Farm


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